Burdett’s and Bonney Energy

Family owned Burdett’s has been supplying building, landscape and garden products to customers across the greater Melbourne area for over 40 years.

From their original sand supply operation and from the newer 7 acre hardware, garden and building supply, outlet, Burdett’s despatch their own fleet of trucks to deliver loads of crucial construction and garden material. The loads range from a single bag to a full B-double truck load – or in landscaping terms, everything from 1 metre to 130 metres!

Proudly operating a fleet of modern vehicles.

Burdett’s take enormous pride in their transport fleet. Operating their own fleet means they can offer products sourced from all over Victoria, Southern NSW and South Australia at competitive prices. The vehicles are regularly updated and all trucks meet the latest European standards on emissions, so they’re not only good for business, but better for the environment too.

Using such highly engineered powertrains also demands using the best in premium fuels and lubricants to ensure they continue to operate at peak efficiency and without unnecessary breakdowns. Plus you also need assured security of supply to keep the operation running smoothly. This why Burdett’s have chosen to partner with Bonney Energy.

As Grant Hardiman confirm, “We take pride in running our own fleet of vehicles, update them regularly and keep them in top condition. It allows us to deliver bulk supplies right across Melbourne, from a single bag, to a B-double load. With our demanding delivery schedules, it’s also essential we have security of supply for the premium fuels and lubricants we need to keep every vehicle running at peak performance, which is why we choose Bonney Energy.”

Bonney Energy ensures the security of supply for premium fuels and lubricants to keep Burdett’s moving.