Horsham still home of the Hot dog & Coke deal

On the 20th of February, Bonney Energy commenced operation of our first fully-staffed 24/7 site at Caltex Baillie Street, Horsham. The site is perfectly situated on the intersection of Baillie Street (Western Highway) and Urquhart Street, a busy thoroughfare for locals and travellers.

Given the site’s excellent reputation for customer service, we had no hesitation in retaining all of the local staff and manageress.

The shop offers an extensive range of convenience items, with regular promotions plus the year-round local favourite “Hot Dog and a Coke” deal.

As a Caltex branded site, the quality continues from customer service into a great range of Caltex Unleaded petrol, Vortex 98 premium unleaded, Vortex premium Diesel and LPG.

Over the coming months we will be expanding the convenience item range at the site and we welcome your recommendations!