We offer a network of 24 hour unmanned fuel facilities in all major regions and many remote areas. These sites allow access through a dedicated card and PIN number.

We can supply a number of cards to cater for your fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Find a 24 Hour Fuel Stop

Easy access

Simply arrive at the site, swipe your card, select the appropriate pump number, enter your personal identification number (PIN) and lastly, enter an odometer reading if you wish.

The selected pump will then initiate the transaction and upon hanging up the nozzle the transaction will finalise. A receipt is then issued for you records.

Convenient reporting

You’ll be issued monthly statements with a detailed breakdown of usage per card which serves as an excellent control for your accounting and costing needs.


More fuel types for convenience

Our fuel stops have a mix of various fuel types including Unleaded, Vortex 95, Vortex 98, Diesel, Vortex Diesel and Adblue. Also, since most cater well for Trucks and other heavy vehicles, the majority of sites also include access to High Flow and Ultra High Flow Diesel Bowsers to minimise downtime and get you back on the road.